new mobile phone devices

Mobile phones offer new images on the walls, and transparent, and a third working in deep water, services and programs, advanced operating systems and offers the fourth-generation networks of mobile communications technology to download data at speeds up to 100 MB per second, presented during the «world gathering for mobile devices» in the Spanish city of Barcelona last week, which set the technical trends in 2009 for the world of mobile devices. It also offered to advanced versions of the phone that I love many of the users, such as mobile phones «Nokia e 75» and «Nokia 86», and «H MTC Touch Diamond 2», and phones with 12 megapixel cameras, carefully, and operating system «Windows Mobile 6, 5 », and new mobile services company« Microsoft », in addition to the special versions of the phones operating systems« Androed »and« Linux ».
* Phone distinct

* It is the distinctive cell phones phones «Samsung W. 7900» W7900, and «I 7410» i7410, and was the first mobile device, which contains the presentation of the Projector can display images on surfaces and the size of 50 inches, as if the user is seeing on a large television. It is expected that these devices contribute to the liberation of the user restrictions on their small screens, to be able to operate clearly on the walls of the roofs of their homes or offices or any smooth surface, as well as to facilitate the participation of the other pictures and video, and in a few seconds. It is used strictly camera phone 5 megapixel camera and touch screen. The Company will phone in Korea this month, and soon the European Union.

The Company announced «LG» launched the first phone in the world in a transparent model «JD 900» GD900, as the lower, sliding, fully transparent, which glows blue. The Company will be this phone in the world market by the middle of this year. The company announced its intention to use the phone a digital camera 12 megapixel carefully this year. The phone company will add new dimension to the shipment of the same family can use solar energy through a special optical sensors located on the cover of the battery, and fully loaded phone that the situation in ordinary light. The phone uses the exact camera 5 megapixel camera (with a «flash» ROM) and will be before the end of this year, the company did not disclose his presentation. This will support the company's operating system «Androed» Android (of making the company «Google») in this year, and used in some organs, such as «K S 360» KS360, which is used for full keyboard.

Offered «Nokia» Phone «y 75» E75, which is a quantum leap for the series phones «Comionikitr», and a phone «y 55» E55, which uses a keyboard containing a letter on each button (button, 20, is similar to a keyboard phone «BlackBerry Pearl »), and a phone« 5630 Express Music »Light weight and small thickness, in addition to the phone« The 86 »N86, which is a new shift in the series« The »camera is used carefully and use the 8 megapixel« Falashas »double, and 8 gigabytes of internal memory which expands to about 4 thousand files (can be used as memory cards «Micro SD» up to 16 gigabytes), with geographic navigation «GPS» games (can play up to 25 hours without a recharge), music and other multimedia files.

On the other new mobile phones Phone «H MTC Magic» HTC Magic, which is the second phone from the company «HTML CNN» running «Google Androed», a TV and a diameter of 2,3-inch touch screen and 320x480-pixel precision, and the design of sliding curve phone «Ki 1» G1, the operating system «Androed». It contains the phone's camera control and more sophisticated operating accurately 3,2 megapixel (no «flash» on the phone), with the capacity to record video, which does not contain a keyboard, but used a digital voice shaking and issued at the pressure, as well as to the pressure of the letter after it. The display shows color better than previous devices. The device uses treated 528 MHz operating speeds, and there are 512 MB of memory for system programs, and 192 MB to work, as well as quad-band, and support techniques «Bluetooth» and «WiFi» Wireless, and the geographic navigation «GPS». The phone weight 119 grams (with battery), and the dimensions of 1,1 x5, 5x11, 3 cm.

The company offered «HTML CNN» new phones, such as «Touch Diamond 2» and «Touch Port 2», which dispensed with the buttons on the bottom and the circular disk, and provided space to increase the screen of Qatar, to support the accuracy of 480x800 pixels, in addition to the use of more solid materials by , making the phone less of the thickness, with the development of interface interaction «Touch If 3-D». The phone uses the «Touch Diamond 2» accurate camera 5 megapixel camera and microSD where additional memory cards. One of the benefits of issuing «Touch Pro 2» ability to extract phone numbers of participants in a series of letters, and requested the figures and the start of a collective conversation, and very easily. The Company will be operating system these devices «Windows Mobile 6,1», but the system could be developed to the 6.5 version free of charge when the company put «Microsoft».

* A variety of devices

* The company introduced the «LG» The most crucial new interface interaction «S - Klaas» S-Class, designed to touch the phone, and a phone «Arena» Arena, who works for the touch, and a phone «GMA 730» GM730, which uses the operating system «Windows »supports the new interface interaction« Claes S », in addition to the phones« JD 900 »GD900, and« K T-770 »KT770, and« K S 360 »KS360, by touch as well. The company offered «Toshiba» Telephone «TGV 01» TG01, which operates and uses the touch screen is a huge 4.1-inch in diameter and at speeds of 1 GHz was treated, while the company introduced the «Acer» Acer phones «de X-900» DX900, (a quick phone works tiered to the telecommunications companies) and «F-900» F900, (similar to the previous phone, but less with a screen thickness of the largest) and «M 900» M900, (containing a slip of the keyboard to the side) and «X-960» X960, which contains the operating characteristic.

Offered «Aye dead» Phone «810 - F» i-mate 810-F, which flooded in after the working fluid, and in temperatures ranging between 10 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius, which is resistant to shocks as well. It also offered the company «Sony» mobile «W. 955» and «W 395», and «AIDOO» Idou, who is touch and advanced operating system «Symbian», in addition to the phone «C 903» C903, which uses 8 camera accurately, 1 megapixel. Offered «Samsung» Phone «Memoar» Memoir, which operates and uses touch-precision camera 8 megapixel, then change the focus automatically used «Falashas» boasts «xenon», in addition to the phone «Ooumnia HDL» Omnia HD, which uses screen of 3,7 inches in diameter, and there is a camera accurately 8 megapixel camera phone «House DJ» Beat DJ Music, which presents a CD digitally on the screen could be moved to change the music. The company also offered to Phone «Ultra Touch» elegant and high, and a phone «House Iraq» Beat Disk music, which slides to the bottom. Offered «Garmen» equipment «Novifun LG 60» Nuvifone G60, and «Novifun M 20» M20. The company «The Vidya» nVidia, on the advanced technologies to provide mobile technology uses «Tigra» Tegra, the company offers to provide high definition video on mobile devices, and accurately up to 720 and 1080 serial Progressive, with no need to ship the device for several days, and to support full third-generation networks and networks «WiFi» Wireless, and support advanced programs «Web 2» to get the experience of surfing the Internet, similar to desktop computers. The company also provides programs for viewing images and video presentations, documents and e-books and e-mail programs. It should be noted that the total cost of these devices will not exceed U.S. $ 99.

The disclosure of the agreement between the major companies manufacturing mobile phones is the mobile industry working uniform electric charger, by 2012. Companies that have joined the initiative «Nokia» and «LG» and «Samsung» and «Sony Ericsson», and «Motorola», and others from other companies.

* «Windows Mobile 6,5»

* The company «Microsoft» to put the operating system «Windows Mobile 6,5», which is characterized by the use of new interaction and interface devices designed to touch the fingers and not using pens, and facilitate the operations of all users. The interface is divided into screens, similar to the first screen «Today» current, but easier to use fingers to touch in terms of icons larger and easier to move the lists to provide the level of graphics and more sophisticated, and the second screen is the start screen, which resembles a beehive, where the design of six months, and the programs that can click it to operate. And developed the company's address book, calendar, messages and e-mail and the characteristics to be significantly easier to handle in terms of touch, and seem nicer and more modern. It should be noted that the mobile web browser engine used in the basic desktop computers, any browser, the experience will be very advanced in the new version of the system.

The company also launched the service «Mai von» My Phone, which is a free Internet service reservation copies of user information automatically, and can be identified for the conservation (daily, weekly, or other), with the capacity to record more than one phone and transfer information between them. And solve the problem of transfer of service information from the old phone to new one, and can keep address book, calendar, tasks, and text messages, photos and video, music, and various documents. It should be noted that the service supports the versions of operating systems «Windows Mobile» 6,0 to 6.5, and provides 200 MB of storage space. The company also offered the service of «Windows Mobile as soon as Marquette Bliss» Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which allows the user to search for a program, bought and downloaded from the Internet, much like a shop «Apple».

He also presented the operating system «Linux» on a range of phones, where the interface must be developed and the interaction of its own by each manufacturer of phones, such as «Samsung» phones, such as «Ooumnia» and «no 780» i780, and «LG» (the Phone «Athos - the» Atos-L).

* Fourth-generation networks

* Some companies reviewed electronic circuits can replace the third-generation networks for mobile phones, and to the fourth generation in spite of the numerous operators speed up to 7,2 MB per second (about 900 KB per second), third-generation networks, which has become a girl of about 10 years (10 years is considered long in the changing world of technology). The companies use different techniques that are «WiMAX» supported by computer companies, and «El TE» Long Term Evolution LTE, backed by telecommunications companies. These techniques require new mobile devices supporting this technology, in addition to the communications towers and software services, which allow the use of the Internet during the move in cars across the towers, and without any interruption in the communication.

And telecommunications companies will invest U.S. $ 3 billion in the United States this year only, and will develop the existing networks of the adoption of technical «WiMAX». And reviewed the company started from 6-speed, 8 MB per second, to offer HD video area of the exhibit illustrates, with the expectation of these companies to double the speed by next year, and access to 100 megabytes per second (12.5 megabytes per second) maximum. Experts predict the adoption of technical «WiMAX» paid tribute to the temporary foundations and the development of common standards for technical «Il TE» New addition to the cost of the development of IT networks «Il y T» will be greater than its counterpart. The number of high-speed Internet users via mobile devices 100 million subscribers, is expected to increase the number to more than one billion by 2012.