New Samsung WB5000 ultrazoom..كاميرا سامسونج الرقمية الجديدة

Samsung WB5000 Impresses With 24x Optical Zoom, Full Manual Control and RAW Support

Seoul, Korea - September 1, 2009 – Samsung Digital Imaging Co. Ltd today unveiled the WB5000, a 12.5 mega-pixel camera outfitted with the most powerful lens ever offered on a Samsung compact digital camera. Joining the company’s advanced WB Series, the WB5000’s high-performance Schneider-KREUZNACH lens offers an impressive 24x optical zoom with a 26mm wide-angle focal length (35mm film equivalent focal range of 26mm-624mm), which can be used for shooting high-quality digital still images as well as recording 720p HD video in H.264 format.

“Photographers of all skill levels are going to be drawn to the WB5000’s features,” said Choong Hyun Hwang, vice president of Strategic Marketing at Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “The versatility of the lens gives any user, whether you’re a soccer mom on the sidelines or an enthusiast looking to create a stunning image, the ability to be prepared for just about any shooting scenario. Serious shooters will gravitate toward the WB5000’s aperture and shutter priority modes as well as full manual control and RAW support. For the entry-level shooter, Samsung’s Smart Auto takes simplicity to a new level, ensuring a great shot every time without having to be concerned about camera settings.”

The WB5000 puts high-definition video recording in the palm of users’ hands. The camera can record 720p HD video using H.264 compression, an advanced codec that allows users to record video for longer periods of time. For added versatility, users can zoom in and out while recording video, taking full advantage of both the camera’s 26mm wide-angle focal length and 24x optical zoom.

The WB5000’s 24x optical zoom, 26mm wide angle lens is supported by Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization, which combines both optical and digital stabilization to help reduce blur, especially when using the lens at its maximum zoom. The WB5000 also provides aperture and shutter priority and a full manual shooting mode for those users looking to exercise more control over camera settings. Additional manual controls include the ability to customize white balance settings from a temperature range of 3,000K to 10,000K as well as manual focusing. Users have the option to shoot in RAW (DNG1.1), JPEGs, or both right on the camera.

Users can frame their images using the WB5000’s color electronic viewfinder(EVF) or three-inch LCD screen, which also grants access to the camera’s user interface. The WB5000 also features an easy-to-use Smart dial, which provides effortless navigation through the camera’s menu and simplifies the way users select various settings and review their images.

The new WB5000 also incorporates Samsung’s latest suite of intuitive and smart technologies which simplify how users take and view their photos, including Smart Auto. An advanced shooting mode which analyzes the current environment, Smart Auto will automatically choose from one of 11 optimized settings to produce the best possible image. After pictures are taken, users can easily search for a specific image they have saved on their memory card using the WB5000’s Smart Album feature. Smart Album automatically organizes the user’s digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on specific criteria such as the date or week the image was taken, the overall color tone, portraits or specific file types, including photos, videos, or voice memos.

Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System, which includes Face Recognition, Face Detection, Smile Shot, Blink Detection and Samsung’s Beauty Shot, can also be found on the WB5000. One of the most advanced on the market, Samsung’s Face Recognition technology automatically stores up to 20 preferred faces to the cameras’ internal memory. While taking a portrait, the WB5000 will automatically recognize if one of the user’s 20 preferred faces is in the frame and identify them as a priority for focus and exposure. Users can also save time sorting through their photos and instead search for photos that contain a specific face.


في إطار حفل نظمته شركة سامسونغ إليكترونيكس، قامت الشركة بإزاحة الستار عن الكاميرا الرقمية الجديدة
Samsung WB5000 ultrazoom.
وخلال الاحتفال، قال أحد الناطقين باسم الشركة، إن إطلاق الكاميرا الجديدة والتي ستستخدم تقنية حديثة لا تعرفها معظم الكاميرات بعد، فإن سامسونغ تعلن صراحة أنها ستظل دائما من الشركات التي تحب دائما أن تثبت مركزها وريادتها في السوق.
أما عن آراء الصحفيين المهتمين بأحدث أخبار التكنولوجيا فقد عبروا عن آرائهم الأولية بالنسبة للكاميرا الجديدة، فقد أجمع معظمهم على أنها كاميرا مميزة بحق، فهي صغيرة الحجم، وذات تصميم مدمج، ووزن خفيف، وتستحق التجربة والاقتناء. أما عن مواصفات الكاميرا الاساسية، فهي تأتي بحساس للصورة دقته 12.5 ميجابيكسل، وزووم رقمي حتى أربعة وعشرين ضعفا 24x، كما أنها تأتي بكافة الانظمة الآلية وأيضا اليدوية مع إمكانية التصوير بنظام RAW.
تتميز كاميرا سامسونغ الجديدة ايضا بقدرتها على تصوير مقاطع فيديو عالية الوضوح HD بدقة 720p. ويرجع السبب في صغر حجم الكاميرا وخفة وزنها إلي بطاريتها الليثيوم Li-ion التي زودت سامسونغ الكاميرا بها بدلا من بطاريات AA التي تستخدم مع الكاميرات الرقمية الشبيهة. ومن المتوقع إطلاق الكاميرا في شهر نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني المقبل، إلا أن سامسونغ نوهت إلى أنها ستطلقها في الشهر الجاري وبسعر 249 جنيها إسترلينيا.

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