Apple Beats Nokia the largest seller of smart phones

The American Electronics company "Apple" Exceeded "Nokia" Finland mobile phone to become the largest

company in the world in terms of sales of smart phones. In its second quarter results on Thursday, the Finnish company said it issued 16.7 million from a smart phone. While Apple has announced, based in Cupertino, California, in the results for the same period that it shipped 3.2 million of the organs of the iPhone.
According to International Data Corporation analyzes the "IDC", which follows the markets, information technology, Nokia is now only 16% of sales of smartphones in the world, down from 37% last year. However, Nokia still continues to dominate the mobile phone market, although the ordinary South Korean company Samsung is currently threatened in that market as well.
In the market of smartphones and regular phones, Nokia's share fell in the global market to 25% from 34% a year ago. But Nokia exceeded expectations when it recorded a net profit of $ 551 million during that period.
Magazine quoted "Mobile Today" British "IDC" as saying that "these disastrous results show how deteriorates the activities of company do not understand the market trends before their competitors or be too slow in their reactions to those trends in the industry is developing rapidly, such as those."
The magazine says that the only hope for Nokia to change the traffic landing program is Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 to be adopted from next year as its main strategy for mobile phones.

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