Panasonic launches a digital camera with interchangeable lenses system

Panasonic has launched the Middle East markets, the latest digital camera with interchangeable lenses.

The company said that the Japanese giant digital camera DMC-GX1 combines breathtaking precision and stunning performance, which is compatible with the system «Lumix G Micro System» for professionals that achieves levels of precision infinitely high no matter how different the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

She pointed out that the Panasonic system, auto focus cameras differential in the "LUMIX G Micro System" to achieve the speed of lightning about 0.09 seconds, and allows the digital camera DMC-GX1 ability to capture images quickly successive 4.2 frames per second 16.0-megapixel full resolution.

Not only impress your digital camera DMC-GX1 on digital still photos, but extends to the recording film format, high resolution full «HD» 1920 × 1080 with stereo audio format «AV AVCHD» superior in terms of the effectiveness of file compression and compatibility with the equipment, visual voice different. Also available advanced automatic control system, including the system of automatic adjustment of practical iterative and, at the movies so that all the photographers to record their favorite movies and capture cross moments with high accuracy and without the trouble mentioned.

Panasonic also took into account the strict standards of structural design of the external digital camera DMC-GX1, cameras like the rest of the system «Lumix G Micro System», which focused on the smallest details of the design from the outside. Professionals can append the sampling unit of live Live View Finder (DMW-LVF2) optional, zoom 1.4 X (about 0.7x), the equivalent of 1,440,000 points. They are compatible with the UHS-I standard for memory cards SDXC / SDHC. Available digital camera DMC-GX1 in black and silver, which is an ideal companion for photographers Alhaoan researchers and professionals for the accuracy and performance tremendous striking designs within an attractive and compact.

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