Gigabyte 3 x 1 device ( laptop,desktop & tablet at the same time)

The Taiwan company "GIGABYTE" specialized in the manufacture of computers, motherboards, based in the city of "Taipei" Launched laptop under the name of the

"Gigabyte Booktop T1132".

This device is best described as being "three-in-one",
where it can be used as a notebook or a tablet, or even a desktop computer, thanks to removable base for rotation.

This Notebook comes with PC screen multi-touch, with a capacity measured 11.6 inches and a resolution (1366 x768) pixels, and inside your central processing unit dual-core-type "Intel Core i5-M2467" 1.6-GHz, and NVIDIA graphics, "G-Force GT 520 M "submitted by the company" Nvidia "and a capacity of one GB of internal memory and the user capacity of 8 GB.

It also contains a hard disk with a capacity of 750 GB, and RAM "RAM DDR3" with a capacity of 4 GB, and can be expanded to 8 GB of RAM, webcam a 1.3 megapixel and memory card reader "four-in-one."

And provider number of ports; of a specific port to "USB 3.0", and another for "USB 2.0" and supports the technology "WLAN b / g / n", Bluetooth 3.0 and third-generation "3G" and equipped with outlet special port "HSPA" , and also contains a battery composed of 6-cell type "Lithium - Ion," and working computer operating system "Windows 7", with its dimensions (290 x 220 x27.86-40) mm, and weighs 1.76 kg up.

It is expected that the company put its new product price of U.S. $ 1300, but did not reveal the date put forward yet.

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