"Razer" launches its first tablet device in the world dedicated to the Computer Games

The company "Razer" America's leading manufacturers of peripherals for computer, games, voice, audio, based in Carlsbad state "California," unveiled a new concept in gaming, which is a device that is a tablet was designed specifically for the most popular computer games .

And consists of this new concept, most likely a bird with two wings, which she named "Project Fiona" of the Tablet PC screen multi-touch with the degree of sensitive high-high-resolution and speed measured 10.1-inch and clarity 1280 × 800 pixels, and is installed to your computer from the right side and left handles or stick control provider of their respective four keys, to give the player the experience of playing an easy and convenient.

In terms of technical specifications for the device, contains a processor dual-core-type "Core i7" the third generation of chips, "Intel", known as the "Ivy Bridge", also supports Tablet PC audio system "Dolby Surround Sound 7.1" and technical "WLAN" and "Bluetooth 3.0 "and runs a modified version of the operating system" Windows 8 ".

For his part, the Executive Director of the company "RAZR" Min Liang Tan on the efficiency of the device and its enormous potential, which provides an enjoyable experience for both players and developers alike, saying: "Although the touch screen that supports multi-touch technology has become the user interface active with specifications standard hardware tablet, but it is compatible barely with computer games, so we have developed two control particular our project new to support the current generation of computer games, as well as providing developers video games, new possibilities to create the next generation of games based on the platform are high performance. "

The company plans to launch new product in the fourth quarter of this year, the market price of less than U.S. $ 1000, but for game developers lovers hardware company "RAZR" they can request pre-versions for developers

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